DataSift Update

Nick Halstead
3rd November 2010 0 Comments

We have been hard at work on DataSift over the last couple of weeks culminating the next iteration of our platform and making minor fixes to the DataSift site.

WebSocket Support

The client will see new data as soon as the WebSocket server pushes it out, giving them an advantage over the various polling solutions since it’s not waiting for data to queue and pulling it all at once. So the bottom line is, it’s faster!

WebSockets are a bi-directional, low latency, simple transport layer that can be used in a variety of ways. WebSockets are also a part of the HTML5 standard, with all major browsers either supporting them already, or planning to do so. You can reach a large percentage of users with a native messaging implementation. WebSockets aren’t just limited to web browsers either, they can be easily implemented in server-side projects.

Browsers that support WebSockets:

  • Internet Explorer 9 (beta)
  • Firefox 4 (beta)
  • Opera 11 (beta)
  • Safari 5
  • Google Chrome
  • iOS Firmware 4.2 (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad)

Language Updates

We have 4 new additions to CSDL.

New Predicates

  • contains_word: Matches an exact word, but not supersets of the word. e.g. interaction.content contains_word "buzz" will match “buzz” but not “buzzing”.
  • contains_phrase: Matches an exact phrase, but not supersets of the phrase. Like contains_word, except permits punctuation and whitespace.

New Targets

  • twitter.mentions: All the usernames that were mentioned in the tweet. e.g. twitter.mentions contains "tweetmeme" matches all tweets that reference the @tweetmeme user.
  • language.tag: The IETF language tag of the language detected in interaction.content. e.g. language.tag == "en" matches only interactions written in English.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which was causing stream previews to display the following message "Error loading rule with that Stream Identifier - An error has occurred that could not be recovered from". Stream preview building should now be more reliable and produce verbose error messages.
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