How DataSift can be used by Brands

6th December 2010 0 Comments

With so many different ways to use DataSift I can imagine figuring out your first stream could be rather daunting. So where do you start? Well here’s an idea, what is your favourite brand? What brands do your company represent or do you work for? Now how do you turn that into something that could be created on DataSift. Well here goes!

First things first, define what you want to find out more about! In my case I like the soft drink Dr Pepper, in fact so do a lot of our development team, we’re a bit addicted! So I thought why not create a rule that picks up on any big news and announcements about Dr Pepper, any mentions of the brand and any links to articles about Dr Pepper. Now I know that sounds like I’m now a brand stalker! But wait! You’ll see why this is really cool in a minute.

So now we have our Dr Pepper rule created, pulling all those items together, we get a mass of tweets, articles and blog posts all about Dr Pepper but to me that’s too noisy! I want to find other Dr Pepper advocates or fans! So I create a second rule using the Lexalytics Salience analysis software and build that on top of the first rule that I created by using it’s rule id. Now I only want the positive sentiment so anything over 3 is positive (i tried smaller but there was too much neutral content and negative numbers are negative sentiment.)

Now our output looks far more like what I’m after! From here I can then create my own application, service or tool that could say follow all the people who tweeted the content by adding a rule that took only the Twitter content, or collect just the links through another rule built on top of this and provide those to my Google Reader as an RSS feed.

It’s my very own curation filter! It does what I tell it! I can even keep my creations private, but where’s the fun in that! I can’t show off my cool streams to my friends if I do that. But it does mean that businesses who want to do private curation can keep their creations private. So there you have it a shiny new brand monitoring tool just waiting for you to curate til your heart’s content!

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