DataSift Talks About What is Curation?

Nick Halstead
7th December 2010 2 Comments

There has been a lot of conversation on our LinkedIn and Facebook page about what curation is and how it relates to DataSift and our services.  We look at curation here at DatSift in terms of digital curation, which is defined broadly as the selection, preservation, maintenance, collection and archiving of digital data. Here’s what Andy Gott has to say on the subject of Real Time Curation:

Here’s how we do it, we collect and bring together real time streams from Twitter,, SixApart, Google Buzz, MySpace and InfoChimps. (And we will be adding more great real time streams in due course.)  By collecting data from reputable well known real time sources we start with a really interesting selection of data to start sorting against.

On top of the basic curation we also have the ability to curate content based on sentiment through Salience, authority via PeerIndex and influence based on Klout. Each of these services enables a deeper level of understanding of the output data providing just the data that you find useful or of interest.

And on that final note I’ll leave you with a quote from Hugh Macken on curation.

What are your thoughts on this area and how do you think the definition of curation will change in the future to take into account the raft of real time data?  What additional services would you like to see integrated with DataSift?

Please do join in the interesting conversations happening around this area on our LinkedIn Group, Facebook Page and Twitter account!

  • 437341

    What additional services would you like to see integrated with DataSift? – Add sources Facebook, location sharing services, youtube.- A GUI FSDL query builder to filter sources with conditions. Sources are ‘companies, people or places’ – anything that can be used for ‘tracking’. As I see it, this service is of interest for competitive business intelligence, so there needs to be a friendlier interface for non-technical users trying to build FSDL’s … – Integrate with Disqus API (alert me whenever anyone I am ‘keeping track of’ professionally, who may or may not be a ‘friend’ on twitter, posts a comment somewhere on the web, and it has received atleast 3 likes). This way I will get to know what pages they visit and what they have read and commented on, so I can use it when I get an opportunity to meet them in person since I will have a more ‘shaped’ profile of them in my mind.- Add ’email’ as a queryable parameter in FSDL and provide a ‘profile pic’ associated with an email by using Gravatar API? (see Gravatar profile/image requests: A search interface on Datasift home page demonstrating its use allowing someone to search for people, places or companies.

  • Sarah Blow

    Thanks for the feedback! We are continuously adding sources so just keep an eye out on the announcements here when we add new ones. We hear you re the GUI for the FSDL it’s on our todo list. It’s all noted and we’ll see what we can do to meet those requirements! Look out for future announcements!

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