Building on Top of Other Streams

Nick Halstead
10th December 2010 6 Comments

DataSift has the ability to enable any user to build upon a stream that you or another user has created.  The concept is pretty simple, each stream has a unique identifier which you will find when you select the stream.  In order to find the identity of the stream click on Stream Identity, and copy it! Then start creating your new stream definition!  This short video shows you the syntax and where to find the useful things that you might be looking for to create complex streams.

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We also did a little video to take you through our support site so that you can find all the documentation, see where bug reports go and also where your questions get answered and feedback can be found.

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  • Ivan Walsh

    If you guys need a tech writer let me the ability to enabe any user just saying…

  • Anonymous


    I think it would be really useful to have some concrete points on what the Datasift API gives you, over and above Twitter’s own API. I know that Datasift includes messages from other sources too, but just in terms of searching for tweets involving certain keywords from certain people in a certain place – what is Datasift’s advantage?


    • Sarah

      Thanks I’m sure we can do something around that soon! We do get the odd question about how we differ and it would be good to go into detail on it.

      In short though here’s how we are different, as you say we cross multiple social media platforms, we provide all the data that you can access through the Twitter API but we do the processing for you so if you want the Tweets from all TweetDeck users based in the UK or France or Germany (based on user set location and also geo location) we can do this. This is a lot more complex than you could do on the Twitter API or through the search interface and would require a LOT of hardware for an individual developer to capture and monitor all that data so we take that pain away! You let us do the hard work so you don’t have to.

      The other key difference between our API and Twitter’s is that we also have additional services to analyse the data beyond just the basics so for example if you want to find who the top influencers are for a particular subject you could use our Klout services or PeerIndex scores to help you identify these people.

      And as we said earlier we don’t just do Twitter so you get a wider range of sources and information curated to your needs!

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