Klout Augments the Real-Time Stream

Nick Halstead
11th January 2011 0 Comments

We are very pleased to hear that one of our partners Klout has raised a substantial further round in financing.

For those who have not heard of them before, Klout measures online influence, this is as important as the revolution that Google made in defining the pagerank for web pages. And just like Googles pagerank for every web page on internet Klout has a score for users on Twitter and Facebook.

For us Klout was an obvious choice for one of our augmentations. These augmentations give us the ability to take our real-time stream and augment it with 3rd party data so that streams can be curated by that extra meta-data.

In the case of Klout this allows our platform to curate streams based upon any of the influence metrics which Klout supplies, at it’s simplest that means using the core ‘score’ to filter (in or out) users with a particular value. For high volume streams in which you are really only want influencers this is invaluable. This is just one use case and we look forward to see what our users can do with these extra abilities.

You can view the full details of what extra curation fields you get with Klout on our support site.

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