Cluster: Real-time top venues at SXSW

11th March 2011 0 Comments

This weekend the world descends on South By Southwest in Austin, Texas for music, film and interactive talks and panels. But one thing ties these topics together… after parties! But how can you find the venues to go to? Where are the most influential people?

Logos of ClusterWell with Cluster we have answered that question for you. Using the power of DataSift to filter real-time data and augment it, we’ve combined that processing power with Foursquare place data to tell you where the best and trending venues are. What you end up with is an app that can tell you in real-time where the most influential people are based on their Klout score.

The app is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android users as a native application. But also any smartphone can simply visit to view a purpose built mobile web app.


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