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Nick Halstead
4th April 2011 1 Comment

Mediasift and Twitter have partnered to make Twitter data commercially available through DataSift. This means that developers interested in building tools to monitor and analyze Twitter data can now filter Tweets from the full Twitter Firehose, using DataSift for non-display analysis.

Companies and marketers are demanding better ways to listen to their customers on Twitter, and understand conversations about their brands and products. With so much news and data being created across multiple social networks, businesses need a way to cost-effectively and efficiently filter it all down to find the information that is valuable and meaningful to them. DataSift lets companies use extensive search queries to access only the data they value.

As a company we have been very fortunate to have access to the Twitter Firehose for quite some time. This has enabled us over the past two years to refine our thinking, leading to the incarnation of DataSift.

DataSift aggregates multiple social media feeds, augmenting additional data sets, and creating a common abstraction layer (through CSDL), to provide meaningful insight into unstructured data chaos! But we wanted to do more. We wanted to revolutionise the economics. So we built a Pay Per Use subscription model.

It has taken us nearly 18 months to complete the platform. The experience of TweetMeme and serving literally billions of requests a month means that our platform is truly scalable. By leveraging our cloud-based platform, you only pay for what you process, consume, store and analyse. This is the heavy lifting done.

Now, we are on the verge of opening the platform to consumers, businesses and most importantly developers to expand the infinite possibilities for end use applications. Since the Alpha, we have been bombarded with commercial opportunities in every sector.

We are hugely excited to continue our great relationship with Twitter, and look forward to what our community will build using the power of DataSift.

  • Joan Lockwood

    nice move!

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