DataSift Announces Partnership with Moreover

20th September 2011 1 Comment

DataSift, has entered into partnership with the media monitoring application developer, Moreover Technologies.
Nick Halstead, Founder and CEO of DataSift commented:

By partnering with Moreover, DataSift adds to its network of analytics partners an established specialist in news aggregation, analytics and research insight. Through DataSift’s platform, Moreover’s applications will now have access to 100 percent of the real-time Twitter feed and other social media sources, as well as benefiting from our enriched data and range of augmentations. Moreover has taken a leadership position in partnering with an innovative start-up and we look forward to developing our joint product offering for the enterprise market to include real-time social services.

DataSift, the real-time data filtering platform and licensed re-syndicator of Twitter, has entered into partnership with the media monitoring application developer, Moreover Technologies. This agreement sees another respected specialist seek to enhance their services by incorporating the enriched data and augmentation options on offer through the DataSift platform.

Moreover Technologies’ award winning platform Newsdesk will now offer their services on top of the DataSift platform, allowing DataSift customers to benefit from receiving DataSift data through the comprehensive news aggregation services of Newsdesk’s unified news and media portal. Moreover Technologies will also provide DataSift’s services to press clipping agencies and media monitoring firms for their own analytical services.

President of Moreover Technologies, Paul Farrell said about the partnership with DataSift, “This further strengthens our extensive news and social media monitoring platform, providing ever-stronger unified portal access to opinion-forming media conversations, and giving companies the ability to get truly synthesized information about what is impacting their brand and reputation. We are leveraging DataSift’s semantic analysis and data enrichment options and layering this with our own categorization processes to improve access to actionable intelligence, making it even easier for customers to analyze and organize information for detailed insights in one concise view.”

Further information is available at the Strata Summit from the 19th until the 23rd of September 2011 in New York City, where DataSift and Moreover will both be attendees and will be demonstrating the enhancements to both parties services through this partnership.

The full Press Release can be found here.

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