TrendSpottr Integration

23rd September 2011 0 Comments

DataSift will be integrating with TrendSpottr to provide customers with the ability to deride early and predictive insights from their real-time curated data streams

TrendSpottr is a real-time data analytics and business intelligence service that identifies and predicts trends from Twitter, Facebook and other real-time data streams. It works by improving the signal-to-noise ratio by identifying the most timely, relevant and trending information from a firehose of streaming content.

Through DataSift, TrendSpottr users will receive trending issues as real-time enriched data with added augmentations (including social influence scoring and geo-location amongst others) that can be analyzed for deep demographic and commercial insight.

DataSift offers one of the most robust and advanced data curation platforms for social media data sources. By integrating with the DataSift platform, TrendSpottr will be offering DataSift customers access to relevant real-time trends from their curated data streams. This real-time intelligence will provide DataSift customers with early and predictive insights about major trending events, social behaviors, customer preferences and impending crises. – Mark Zohar, Founder and CEO of TrendSpottr

DataSift is pleased to integrate TrendSpottr into the DataSift platform to offer our customers real-time predictive coverage of trending issues on 100 percent Twitter feed and other sources…..DataSift and TrendSpottr’s partnership will give trend hunters deep insight into the issues driving specific trends.
– Nick Halstead, Founder and CEO of DataSift

The full Press Release can be found here.

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