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23rd September 2011 0 Comments


Real-time Challenge

The value of big data such as social media decays rapidly with time. Companies that are able to draw insights from their data and act fast and correctly in response, can realize valuable strategic advantages over their competitors.

Learning that a web campaign from last week created negative sentiment in viewers is useful, but being able to alter corporate communication in real-time is what makes the difference. And this is exactly what the partnership between DataSift and HStreaming allows. Companies can realize the full value of social media by overlaying the data with other data sources, such as sales data, marketing data or web logs, to look in real-time for insights in the form of patterns or outliers.  Once a pattern is identified, companies can programmatically react, such as issuing email notifications, alerts, and requests to web-based services. explains Jana Uhlig, CEO of HStreaming.

DataSift excels at giving easy and comprehensive access to social media with data enrichment, such as sentiment analysis, Klout scoring, and language identifiers. HStreaming enables the running of advanced analytics in real-time to create live dashboards, identify and recognize patterns within one data stream or across multiple data streams, and trigger action based on predefined rules or heuristics. HStreaming can handle even the most challenging data volumes and complex analytical problems leveraging the scalability of Hadoop and MapReduce.

The partnership between DataSift and HStreaming allows users to:

Draw insights quickly
HStreaming query language allows writing advanced analytics queries fast and efficiently against any structured or unstructured data feeds.

Display real time dashboards
Rich built-in web-based tools enable users to quickly visualize complex data to get fast insights through real time dashboards.

Identify and recognize patterns
Leverage HStreaming’s scalable analytics platform to look over one stream or combine social media streams with other data such as sales data, marketing data, or web logs to identify and recognize interesting patterns.

Trigger actions
Built-in connectors enable analytics jobs to automatically trigger actions such as email notifications, alerts, and send requests to web-based services.

The full Press Release can be found here.

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