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DataSift, a provider of aggregated real-time social data feeds, has entered into a partnership with Endeca that will allow organizations to react to the “big data firehose” of social data. Organizations are demanding a way to understand how their customers react to them and their competitors in social media. To do that, they must aggregate external content in real-time, and then search and analyze it in relation to their own internal content.

Endeca Latitude gives business analysts an easy-to-use interface to discover, analyze, and visualize that content in relation to the structured, unstructured, and semi-structured sources found inside the enterprise; while giving IT a way to rapidly add new content and visualizations. These combined technologies give businesses the most powerful and cost-effective platform to mine the business value in the torrent of new social data. Through research with customers and prospects who had pursued the use of first generation generic social media solutions, it was found that there was a lack of integration available between internal and external business’ critical data, therefore restricting their view of the customer.

Legacy relational technologies have failed to manage Big Data like social media, which is why new approaches are needed. Relational technologies require businesses to model data in advance of analyzing it, but the variety, velocity, and volatility of social media precludes this. Endeca Latitude is ideally suited to consume this type of data, without going through the painful and expensive process of creating and modeling complex relational models, that will require constant change.

The full Press Release can be found here.

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    can you please give the steps to be followed to achieve the same ?

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