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7th December 2011 2 Comments

“Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it”
– Winston Churchill


Today DataSift is excited to announce the launch of signs-ups for alpha access to Twitter Historical data. You can sign-up and reserve a space on our alpha list and be one of the first to test drive this new functionality when it is available in January.  The Alpha Program will give you full access to 60 days of the entire Twitter feed.  When the Twitter Historical program goes into a full commercial launch next year, even more historical data will be available.

“We have been flooded with customer interest from lots of different industries in Twitter data.  Twitter is not only an incredible source of real time information, it also provides a very rich history of trends, customer interactions, consumer opinions, and other information. We want to make that information available to customers,” said Rob Bailey, CEO of DataSift.

DataSift will not only provide access to historical data, but also offer customers the most powerful platform for deriving value from that data.  They can can now apply all the DataSift filtering tools that they currently use to manage real-time content, to extract and analyse streams from our archive of the entire Twitter output.  In short, DataSift now makes accessing historic Twitter data rapid and easy.

The applications of historical Twitter data are immense.  For example, if a brand manager missed a customer review or thought of a campaign that needs evidence to support it, they can now gain access to the data that they need retrospectively in minutes not weeks and use DataSift’s powerful tools for getting the information they need quickly and cost effectively.  This includes filtering the historical data on a given topic by sentiment levels, links, demographics and social influence, as measured by Twitter user Klout scores.

DataSift’s Historic data access provides a huge leap forward for customers.  Until now customers wanting historical acccess were limited to very simple keyword searches or other limited filtering methods. The overwhelming feedback from customers is that these search methods were not sufficient.

“We kept hearing from customers how valuable historical Twitter data was, so we wanted to offer that to them,” said Nick Halstead, founder and CTO.

With 250+ million tweets being published every day, extracting meaningful data sets from this immense archive is even more challenging technologically than doing so for real-time data.  DataSift’s platform architecture simplifies the historical data processing using our CSDL language to make Big Data simple. Based upon the Cloudera Hadoop stack our solution gives immense scalability to our customers to be able to process data on demand.

UPDATE: coverage from Techcrunch




  • mediaczar

    “The more people that retweet or visit using your URL the higher you will climb.” Nice implementation; but unnerving U/X.

    I appear to have tweeted a generic URL “” – of course this has been wrapped in a shortURL by Twitter — and that shortURL remains static throughout any retweeting. And of course, being who you are, you can track that.

    But as a user, I still see the generic URL. And I may not be aware of the way Twitter treats URLs (to be honest, I had to think a bit to understand what you were probably doing.) I think users need some kind of feedback, don’t they? 

  • Alonso Fernandez

    Great! Hope this is going to be available
    Cheers from Mexico!

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