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23rd December 2011 0 Comments

DataSift Recording and Export

At DataSift we are obsessed with making it easier for companies to access Social data, analyze it, and get value from it. This week we are proud to announce the launch of a new way to access/use the Social Data produced by the DataSift platform.  Starting today, DataSift customers will have access to new Record and Export features, that allow even non-technical users to extract their social media data direct through our website into easy to use files like Microsoft Excel.


See how we used Record and Export to measure real-time public reaction to the New You Tube Design. 

Creating customized Social Data streams with DataSift is already easy.

Thousands of DataSift customers are already using the DataSift platform to create personalized streams.  DataSift created a special filter creation language called CSDL which enables users without a technical background to set up complex filters in a matter of minutes.  You can immediately build a stream using CSDL, define the time and date you want to start and stop the recording, then extract it, the whole data set or just the specific time segment or data types that interest you.

Rapid access to Twitter data sets for your research and social media monitoring.

It takes seconds to set up an account with DataSift and there’s no need to invest in a specific application or dashboard for consuming the data. This feature lets anyone start using social media intelligence without any prior investment, training or time delay.

How to turn your data stream into an excel file in 3 easy steps:

1) Set the time that you want the recording to start and end.

2) Once the recording has started you can see the volume of data that you’ve gathered through your stream.

3) When you’ve gathered all the data that you want for this particular recording, then extract it by selecting the format that you would like to receive it in and wait for it to be delivered.

It’s Free

Try out these new features for free with $10 free credit that DataSift gives to every new user and start using social data to inform your strategic decision making.
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Find more detailed information about recording and exporting a stream.

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