DataSift adds $7.2M: The story so far and focus for the future

Rob Bailey
2nd May 2012 8 Comments

The last few months have been an amazing journey for us. It was only back in November last year that we launched DataSift. That seems like a lifetime ago when we look back at what we’ve achieved since then…

  • With the help and support of Twitter we’ve launched our Historics platform to unlock insights from 2+ years of Tweets
  • We’ve on-boarded 20+ new data sources (including YouTube, Blogs, Forums and NewsCred powered News )
  • We’ve added around 200 new customers, both entrepreneurs building their socially-intelligent applications to large enterprises that recognize that social is becoming table-stakes for business.

On top of that, as passionate Big Data junkies we held 50 events across the world last week as part of, including a live Twitter Q&A with Todd Park the CTO of the United States. Huge kudos goes to our whole team in getting us where we are today, but especially our founder, Nick Halstead, who has the vision and passion that keep us all moving.

Maybe our biggest surprise to me is the breadth of use-cases that we’re seeing companies use our Social Data platform for. Social Media Monitoring and “Breaking News” are obvious applications that companies build.  But we’re seeing everything from Business Intelligence, Stock-Trading models, Public-health applications and social-TV guides being built with DataSift.  A big part of Nick’s vision has always been to democratize the social data market – opening it to both small and large companies. We are starting to see this play-out.

But we’ve still got a lot of work ahead of us. Our combo of Social Data + Big Data + Real-Time has the opportunity to transform the industry. With Lean Start-up as our guide, we’ve tested and seen the demand. Now we need to grow faster to help us move faster in response to this.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that our existing investors have invested additional $7.2M investment in DataSift to accelerate this growth. And I think that’s the real-story behind our story – having awesome investors that share your vision and are eager to double-down with us on this market. We’re lucky to have Roger Ehrenberg (IA Ventures) and Mark Suster (GRP Partners) as part of our team.  They’ve been instrumental in helping us get to where we are today.

So what’s next? We don’t want to spoil the news, but over the next few months you’ll see new services and applications from DataSift as we continue to build out our social-data platform. One of the biggest reasons that people choose DataSift is not just that we can filter and deliver raw social data at massive-scale, but we can structure it into a “ready-to-analyze” format with sentiment, Klout Topics Natural Language Topic analysis, etc. for companies to consume. We’re unique in providing this in the market. What we’re working on next will take these capabilities further to give our customers not just a way to monitor social interactions, but to measure and metric them.

And if you want to help shape the future of social and big-data, we’re hiring!

Rob Bailey

Written by Rob Bailey

Rob Bailey is the CEO of DataSift.

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