Tweeting on Prometheus. Verdict: Big hit. Man-film.

2nd June 2012 2 Comments

The first few days are make-or-break for a blockbuster movie, as reviews and box-office receipts pour in.

With the huge hype and anticipation around Prometheus, we thought it would be fun to use DataSift to look across Twitter to see if Ridley Scott has a hit on his hands. During our analysis, we measured the sentiment of conversations around the film, totaling over 53,000 posts from nearly 40,000 people over the last 22 days.

Take a look at the sentiment graph below at the sentiment of Tweets on June 1, the release date. Looks like an overwhelmingly positive response to the movie on Twitter.

Prometheus sentiment on Twitter

Prometheus sentiment on Twitter

If we dig deeper into the sentiment, it’s looks like this is a film that has “man-appeal”. However, the sentiment looks mostly positive for females too.

Sentiment breakdown

Sentiment breakdown

Finally, we thought we’d look at each of the actors to see who the star of the show is. While the media has picked out Michael Fassbender as delivering a powerful performance, it’s interesting to see the huge spike in positive sentiment for Tweets mentioning Charlize Theron. Here’s how they compare:

Who's the star

Who’s the star

Check out the full report if you want to dig into the details more.

  • Peter Jones

    How wrong this is, such a bad film….

  • Gregory Nicholas

    Right?? The movie was a bad advertisement for a white hoodie..

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