DataSift Historics Availability: Building the Big Picture from Big, Social Data

16th August 2012 0 Comments

Since announcing DataSift Historics earlier this year,  we’ve been overwhelmed by the response and demand. From companies building social media monitoring tools, to finance firms building models for sentiment-based stock trading – the ability to build a big picture of the market from social Big Data is an important compass for companies that want to understand customers better and make smarter business decisions.

Starting today, we’re delighted to announce that we’re making DataSift Historics available to every company with a DataSift subscription, giving our customers the ability to aggregate, filter and unlock insights from public Tweets, both in real time or going back to January 2010, to get a long view into their brand, business and markets.

Delivering a social Big Data platform that can handle this scale of information is no small task, as our Chief Architect Lorenzo Alberton explains on our tech blog.  Thankfully for our customers, we shield them from the complexities of operating a massive-scale platform, giving them a user-interface and developer APIs that integrate the capabilities of DataSift Historics directly into their internal business and analytical platforms and applications.

If you’d like to learn more about DataSift Historics, take a look at our latest data-sheet and Q&A, developer documentation and join us for a deep-dive webinar:

Tuesday, August 21st

9am PDT / 5pm UK[hs_action id=”1979″]

Tuesday, August 28th

9am PDT / 5pm UK[hs_action id=”1989″]
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