Thinking Strategically about Social Data

5th October 2012 0 Comments

Last week, we attended the Social Media Strategies Summit in San Francisco, where Rob Bailey, our CEO, discussed the seven measurable actions that further your company’s marketing and social media efforts. In addition to providing a framework for moving your company’s efforts from beginner to pro, Rob highlighted companies who are thinking strategically about social media, such as Taco Bell, Burberry and KFC.

Social Media Case Study: Virgin America

A great example of a social media savvy company is Virgin America. If you want to hear how Virgin convinced Rob to switch airline loyalty, check out the video from SMSS (starting at 10:30). As a quick example, we can also take a look at one of their tweets below. You can see from their twitter account that their interactions are way past favorites and likes. Most of their tweets are interactive, customers have to click on the links to find out more, they have to visit the site, they need to participate to get the juice. I don’t know about you, but when I find something awesome – I share it. Bingo. Customers do the marketing for you. Is it laziness of genius?  I’d say the positive sentiment tracking on their tweets speaks for itself.

Now it’s your turn: How are you using Social to reach your customers?

Social success involves more than listening and watching – it’s about acting on what you see, identifying your key influencers and potential prospects, then developing one-on-one relationships. Where do you fall? Are you a beginner, intermediate, or master-level social media practitioner?

Get more ideas for improving your social media presence from Rob’s slide deck and video. And share your thoughts by writing a comment below or Tweeting us.

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