Podcast: Jason Oberholtzer of “I Love Charts”

30th October 2012 0 Comments

When you think about charts and data, “hilarious and witty” are most likely not your first thoughts that come to mind. Big data is all around us – why not make it easy on the eyes?

Sites like Tumblr, Pinterest and WordPress are giving power to the people, allowing the average person to share and produce data without having to be a data scientist, increasing the Internet’s data literacy. This sharing revolution gives the whole process an organic and friendly way of introducing the world to charts as a method of data visualization, as highlighted in the Podcast below.

We recently had the pleasure of spending some time with Jason Oberholtzer, blogger for Forbes and co-founder and curator of the popular Tumblr and published book, I Love Charts. As an Internet culture maven and charts junkie, he let us in on how he turns raw data into witty visualizations, the data sharing revolution, and of course, the I Love Charts’ journey from Tumblr to a Nation-wide selling book.

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