The New Traditional News Outlet

Markham Nolan 13th February 2013 1 Comment

With the vastness of the information at hand, and ever-greater access to that information, news agencies have to cope with a reality that their readers may never come to them for a headline again. The headlines are already out there, via Twitter, via Facebook, via whatever medium that is your particular preference. In 140 characters, the news is being broken before news agencies even realize it’s news. When your customers are beating you to the product, it changes the game.

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With an almost $4 million US dollar price tag for thirty seconds of air time, a Super Bowl commercial is a big investment for brands—and when you consider the additional costs of producing the commercial and supporting brand materials, how do you prove the value of your investment? With the real-time marketing that comes with Twitter, brands are now able to see, almost instantaneously, the reaction and impact of their investment. In today’s infographic, DataSift…

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