Proving the Value of a $4M+ Investment: How Brands Fared Socially During the Super Bowl

4th February 2013 2 Comments

With an almost $4 million US dollar price tag for thirty seconds of air time, a Super Bowl commercial is a big investment for brands—and when you consider the additional costs of producing the commercial and supporting brand materials, how do you prove the value of your investment?

With the real-time marketing that comes with Twitter, brands are now able to see, almost instantaneously, the reaction and impact of their investment. In today’s infographic, DataSift takes an in-depth look at different segments of the Twitter-sphere to get a sense of yesterday’s winners and losers.

The Overall Impact

Rather than focus on the total number of Tweets to determine the most popular commercial, the DataSift data science team based their assessment on volume of conversation weighted by sentiment.  Think of it like high school: sure everyone might be whispering about you behind your back, but if they aren’t saying nice things, you probably aren’t getting nominated for Prom Queen or King.

Budweiser’s Brotherhood and Chrysler’s Whole Again and God Made a Farmer commercials proved that feel-good messages will always win the popularity contest.


Understanding the Audience

Yes, Budweiser and Chrysler had the most positive feedback, but drilling deeper did their messages resonate with the right target audiences? Football fans and Baltimore Tweeters gave their approval to the King of Beers, while Beyonce fans and San Franciscans were more likely to prefer the Chrysler commercials.


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Real-Time Buzz

Proving that you don’t always have to spend the most money to capitalize on the best buzz, Oreo’s reaction to the Super Bowl blackout proved a bigger social success than their 30-second commercial.


So who were your winners and losers? Leave a comment to let us know and check out the entire infographic below.


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