Introducing DataSift Carrier Pigeon Delivery

1st April 2013 4 Comments

As a big data platform for social data, we’re always looking for new ways we can innovate to extend our platform to make it easier for companies to filter and receive social data from us.

Until now, we’ve only provided “online” options for delivering data to our customers – including HTTP streaming, FTP, MongoDB, Amazon S3 and others (see for the full list).

But many customers have asked us for more. We’re listening. You’re asking us for “off-line” data delivery. Today we’re proud to announce a new service available today to our customers: DataSift Carrier Pigeon Delivery.

For hundreds of years, the humble carrier pigeon provided a robust, reliable and scalable communication mechanism. Many of us still recall the excitement of receiving our first pigeon-gram wishing us perhaps a Happy Birthday or asking us to send more troops.

However, in the age of the Internet, the carrier pigeon has been neglected and dismissed as a modern means of message delivery. Despite the tip-of-the-hat that Twitter’s logo makes, avian-based communications is a market segment in dire need of innovation and transformation.

Inspired by workforce-crowdsourcing models like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk ( and TaskRabbit (, we’re able to bring crowdsourced data delivery to DataSift’s platform, bringing the carrier pigeon into the 21st century and putting millions of feral pigeons to work for the Internet economy!

Here’s how it works:

  • By working closely with Transport for London and the London Mayor’s office, we’ve secured the exclusive access rights to the carrier pigeon population of London.
  • We’re converting carrier pigeons to iPigeons, by kitting them out with mobile RFID trackers, enabling us to track their location and report to you where your data is.
  • As a DataSift user, you can configure your carrier pigeon destination end-point with details of your carrier pigeon setup. Take a look at the configuration options in
  • When using our platform, if your DataSift filters return data for delivery, our data-delivery center (based in Trafalgar Square) will print and dispatch your message and send it on its way.
  • Through our console, you can track the status of messages that are in-transit to you.

We’re excited to be launching this in London today, with plans to roll out soon in New York and San Francisco next. Enjoy!

  • Kasper Bergholt

    One of today’s best!

  • nameismo

    No Proxy issues for corporations with this new platform 😉

  • Coretta Jackson, MBA

    Not foolish! ; )

  • Alex Sjoman

    This is clearly the superior data delivery option.

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