Yesterday, I woke to find that the rumors that had been flying over the weekend were true—my former employer Yahoo! was buying Tumblr. During the course of the day I’ve read a variety of articles debating the merits of the deal, commentary on the likelihood that Yahoo will in fact screw up Tumblr, and speculation about just how rich David Karp is going to be. As CEO of DataSift, this is an exciting and important event for the company and Marissa Mayer’s strategy, but the first take news and commentary on the announcement misses several important points about what is happening in social and in the market right now.

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Brands + Twitter is a powerful combination and DataSift customer Nestivity recently published their take on the Top 25 Most Engaged Brands on Twitter today. A high level of engagement with customers via social channels has become an imperative for brands and those that “get it” will outperform the competitors. Nestivity commissioned a survey with Evolve Capital, in partnership with Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, which looked at the top 100 most followed brands on Twitter, resulting…

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We’re excited to share this cool infographic from London based creative agency and DataSift customer, FACE. Leveraging Pulsar TRAC, their newly launched social media intelligence tool powered by DataSift, FACE has introduced a series of data studies called How Stuff Spreads, which explores how digital content spreads across the social web.

This first installment explores how Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake became global memes by comparing how the top 5 versions of each video were shared on Twitter by looking at 8 dimensions of each meme: shape, lifespan, popularity, shareability, globality, amplification, variation and diffusion network.

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