Social Data Field Guide: How To Evangelize Social in your Organization

17th October 2013 0 Comments

Have you ever been on the receiving end of advice that, looking back, has guided you throughout your career? I got mine during my first job out of college.

I was spending too many hours each week manually compiling campaign reports for my boss and was getting burned out. When I brought it up to her, she told me to stop simply doing what I’d been told, to take a step back and figure out a long-term solution to my problem. It would result in more work in the short-termwhich is why it was so easy to keep putting offbut it would make a material impact on the business. Not to mention, free up my time for more strategic and interesting projects. I took her advice, did the research, collected our requirements and worked closely with the IT team to make a plan. Over the next six months we built an automated report fueled by data pulled from a variety of projects and sources. From the process, I not only got my time back, I developed:

·  An appreciation for the fact that anything worth doing is hard work
·  A love for data analysis and the stories it tells

Developing Tools that Have Long Term Impact

That advice and experience are what led me to join DataSift last year. Prior to that, I’d developed and nurtured the social media marketing presence for three different brands. Which meant I’d also spent countless hours pulling reportsmanually calculating weekly fluctuations in likes, @ mentions, follower counts and reTweetsleading me to a strong belief that there had to be an easier way. There had to be more to the story than those simple aggregations. I knew social media had far more to offer my company than surface level like- and mention-counts but I had no way to capture, analyze and share any of this data across our organization. And no one was willing to make the effort because social data was hard and we didn’t know where to start.

We needed better data, better processes for analyzing it, and an appreciation for the insights that could be found in the data. At DataSift we give you better data so the time you spend now on cleaning out the junk, manually calculating or aggregating metrics can be better directed at projects to help your business move forward. Since I took over management of the social media presence here I’ve had access to our platform and have seen first hand the possibilities that social data provides. I have a whole new appreciation for the power of data. Speaking with many of you at events like last month’s Social Data Week, I know you’re developing that appreciation too.

How to Evangelize Social Data

But how do you bring about change in your organization? You need to be equipped to educate your teams and show how social data can drive decisions and results. That’s why we’ve created our newest resource: Beyond the Hashtag, A Field Guide to Social Maturity. If you’re the type of executive who wants to leap ahead of today’s status quo and jumps straight to reaping the benefits before others even see the opportunity, this Field Guide is for you. It will show you and your team how to:

·  Arm yourself with the right data at the right time
·  Target your audience by influence level and persona
·  Identify the metrics that result in ROI
·  Make proactive decisions based on data
·  Collaborate across teams and departments

And then? Tell me what you accomplish. I look forward to hearing your success stories!

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