Unlocking Data Access to Sina Weibo

19th December 2013 1 Comment

Businesses looking to access the growing Chinese market have a new tool to help them as DataSift announces access to Sina Weibo, the dominant social network in China. With more than 500M registered users, 100M messages posted daily and recent expansion beyond China to Singapore and Indonesia, Sina Weibo and DataSift offer a unique opportunity for business to understand the preferences, demographics and interests of one of the largest consumer markets on the planet.

The Challenge With Chinese Social Data

However, Chinese content presents a unique challenge. Unlike European languages, written Chinese has no whitespace between words. This means that running even a simple keyword search results in a lot of noise. If you’re searching for all posts containing the word “cat”, for example, your results with include words like “CATatonic,” “CATegory,” “CATalog,” and “conCATenate,” skewing your results. It also makes it near to impossible to do any sort of sentiment analysis. Most companies wind up having to do a lot of data cleansing and custom processing to overcome these issues.

Combining Sina Weibo data with some of the new features in our recently announced DataSift VEDO engine means a few things for customers.

1. Precise Results
Search for the word “cat” in Chinese and that’s what you’ll see in your results since we add in the whitespace to separate out distinct words.

2. A Richer Data Set to Analyze
Assess the sentiment of posts, identify topics of discussion and search web link metadata in the same way that you can with other sources like Twitter or Facebook on the DataSift platform.

3. Data In The Context Of Your Business
Build custom user rules and employ machine learning with DataSift VEDO to categorize data from Sina Weibo just like with other sources. You’ll be able to parse every social interaction to see it’s impact on your brand, your product and your business.

4. Filters That Can Be Re-Used
You can use the same filters and categorization across your Chinese content as you use with other content. So, regardless of language or source, your results appear together. Want to determine the international reach of your brand mentions? You can do so with a single filter search.

Ultimately, Sina Weibo content is more powerful when combined with the DataSift platform. If you’re a developer or application company, we handle the heavy processing leaving you more time to focus on innovation. If you’re an enterprise, you now have an easy way to tap into the voice of the largest market on the planet with precision.

China is a high growth and strategic market for many companies, and the ability to better understand Chinese market dynamics, audiences and segments is a strategic priority. Access to Sina Weibo data will provide companies with that opportunity in a market with more than 1.6B consumers. To learn more about DataSift’s access to Sina Weibo social data, contact us.

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