Get the complete picture from LexisNexis® and DataSift

18th February 2014 0 Comments

Getting a complete picture of all the information regarding opportunities and threats to your business has always been a continuing challenge. Understanding what’s going on in your market has meant researching the mountains of targeted sources such as Newswire content, Newspapers and Trade Journals. Increasingly social data is providing the response data to events and issues that are sometimes hours or even days in advance of when these issues hit the formal published channels. These hours or days may be just the amount of time needed to be able to respond effectively and before your competition.

For many years organizations have relied on news data supplied by LexisNexis®, a division of Reed Elsevier, and now you can get this data directly to the DataSift platform, supplying you with both the benefits of curated, fully licensed, full text articles along with the billions of public social conversations on Twitter, leading social networks and millions of other sources that can be supplied from the DataSift social data platform.

So where does this blending of data really make a difference and who can benefit?

Well it’s all about putting data in context. Social data can be a great source of insight for your organization but sometimes you also need to know what the published media are saying about an issue. These issues may be discussed in different ways by the different media. Headline news topics may have a human dimension that may not be captured in traditional news channels and it’s these dimensions that may have a major effect on your organization and processes.

A change in legislation may have an effect on development and production in a specific geography; this is great insight you can identify and track with LexisNexis news data, but these new regional developments will also effect the local population both positively and negatively and you’ll want to know what their response is which may not be based either on the reported facts or the themes identified in the news stories.

Whether you’re a professional from procurement, sales, marketing, media and more you need quick and easy access to the latest news, facts and insights regarding clients, prospects, competitors, suppliers and industry trends. If you use analysis gained from social insight to identify emerging trends and issues you can easily supplement this with the hard facts and data from LexisNexis. By having this all in a single platform with a single API your analytics can blend published data from Newspapers, Industry Journals, Newswire and News transcripts with filtered and enriched social comments. Analyzing this data enables you to extract timely, well-informed insight and make the right decisions so you don’t miss up-to-date company and industry insight that’s vital to identify new sales opportunities.

Also included in the LexisNexis data source is their proprietary SmartIndexing™ Technology, which helps you to find those things that are difficult to represent in a simple keyword search. SmartIndexing labels news, business and legislative documents with controlled vocabularies (standardized index terms) for the companies, industries, subjects, people and locations discussed within those documents.

So whether you need to be on top of the news of your clients, prospects, competitors, suppliers and industry trends or you need to be able to proactively monitor adverse developments, reduce risk and safeguard your corporate assets the LexisNexis data source now provides the key data asset to add to the DataSift enterprise social data platform for the complete picture of breaking news events.


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