Tap Into Frontline Employee Knowledge With DataSift + Yammer

14th March 2014 1 Comment

Social data revolutionizes our understanding and relationship with current and potential customers. From ads fueled by contextually relevant content to a new era of customer service and influencer marketing powered by media, it’s clear.  The new business landscape for any industry is social, mobile, and real-time.

But what if you could harness the insights locked within the employee conversations your employees are having on an enterprise social network? You can uncover opportunities for driving collaboration, improving employee experience and fueling better customer and product decisions.

Maximize your Yammer investment with DataSift

We’re excited to announce that DataSift now integrates with Yammer one of the world’s largest providers of enterprise social networks. Over 200,000 organizations worldwide including Nationwide, Verizon and eBay use Yammer to better collaborate and share content across employees, partners and projects.

Combining Yammer data with the DataSift platform enables you to get the most out of your Yammer investment by bubbling up key topics, ideas and trends within these employee conversations.  You can not only access 35+ data fields from their Yammer instance, but can also apply enrichments such as sentiment analysis, link analysis and the categorization capabilities of VEDO.

Here are a few examples of how you can use Yammer and DataSift together:

  • Discover influencers and experts within your organization: Go beyond measuring top contributors and score influence based on content relevance or other custom criteria.  Identify experts within your org for subjects or topics that are most relevant to your business.

  • Find and track ideas that drive innovation: Surface front line employee ideas and suggestions around what products and offers to improve and how.

  • Identify important customer or market conversations that require action: Leverage our filtering, sentiment and categorization capabilities to reveal which trending customer- or market-related topics are actively being discussed by your front line employees.

Get Started Today

Discover the people and ideas that spark positive change within your organization using the power of the DataSift platform.  Take a look at the Yammer documentation, and sign up today.  We’d love to hear what you think about it.

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