Congratulations GNIP + Twitter: A Milestone for the Social Data Market

Rob Bailey
15th April 2014 3 Comments

We’d like to congratulate Twitter and GNIP on taking their relationship to the next level, to help Twitter serve the exploding demand for public social data to fuel decision making. This acquisition validates the power of social data within brands and businesses.

We’re excited to see this market continue to grow, and work in partnership with Twitter through this next-phase of growth. As a long-time Twitter re-syndication partner serving 1,000+ customers in 40+ countries, our relationship, contract and data re-syndication partnership remains unchanged.

With the acquisition of Topsy by Apple in December, and GNIP today, DataSift (along with NTT serving the Japanese Twitter market) now stands as the industry’s only independent multi-network social data platform – enabling organizations to access social data from a diverse cocktail of over 20+ public social data sources. Our focus remains 100% on innovating, by applying big-data processing to help turn massive, raw social data, into business data and value. The recent launch of VEDO, our machine-learning engine, is just the start.

Today is a huge milestone for the social data market.

Rob Bailey

Written by Rob Bailey

Rob Bailey is the CEO of DataSift.

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