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28th April 2014 1 Comment

As much of the world quickly becomes more connected via Twitter and Facebook, it can be easy to forget about a whole other part of the world: China. 1.3 billion people in the fastest growing major economy in the world don’t use any social network that comes from the West.

China is actually fascinated by social media though. According to a report by Social Media Today, 91 percent of Chinese people using the internet also have a social media account, compared with 73 percent in the U.S. That means the social media user population of China is equal roughly to twice that of the entire United States!

Just as Facebook and Twitter have changed how we communicate forever, “weibos” have changed the fabric of Chinese culture. “Weibo” means “microblog” in Mandarin, and 309 million people use one regularly. Weibos are used for anything from sharing music and playing games to discussing current events in China.

DataSift aims to democratize the world’s social data. That’s why we are proud to announce that we now offer data from Tencent Weibo, one of the biggest microblogs in all of China.

Introducing DataSift + Tencent Weibo — a Public Hub to Share with Friends
Tencent is China’s largest internet company and the fourth largest internet company in the world. Since launching in 2010, Tencent Weibo has amassed 500 million users across China and is looking to expand into other countries as well. They launched Tencent Weibo to be a public “hub” for their various other services. Celebrities and their fans can share music from QQ Music, videos, messages, and photos.


DataSift’s Tencent Weibo offering allows you to aggregate, filter, contextualize and deliver Tencent Weibo posts for either apps or analysis. While you will need a Mandarin speaker to get started, DataSift provides advanced Mandarin tokenization to simplify the process of finding keywords, brands, and slang within masses of Mandarin text that unlike English, has no spacing. DataSift also makes it simple to set up nested tagging using VEDO, allowing you to track not only brands or industries, but hundreds of keywords that are relevant within those brands or industries. This is incredibly helpful for dealing with surges in posts where it’s not always easy to get the gist from the volume of data you see, as well as to filter out any spam.

Insight into the Cultural Fabric of Inland China
As China’s biggest internet company, Tencent has infiltrated every major city in China, including many third- and fourth-tier cities that are still seeing double-digit growth year to year. Many of these cities are still new territory for any company, so working with data from Tencent Weibo is a good way to “look before you leap” into uncharted but potentially lucrative markets.

Getting Started
You can get started with data from Tencent Weibo today. Simply log in or sign up, activate the Tencent Weibo data source in your Dashboard, and begin with our Getting Started with Tencent Weibo Guide. Please contact our sales team if you have more questions about the offering or our pricing.

(Please let us know if we can be of assistance.)

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