Customer Spotlight: Timeline Labs

Katherine Kelly
13th May 2014 0 Comments

As part of a new series, DataSift will be putting the spotlight on customers who are using social data in innovative ways to build applications, analyze audiences or achieve business objectives.

Timeline Labs
Discover, Display & Measure Social Content

Oriented to the needs of traditional media companies who are seeking to incorporate social media into their operations, Timeline Lab’s application empowers editors to discover, display and measure relevant social media interactions. TLL’s app allows editors to identify stories as they break, track trending news as it develops, and leverage social conversations relevant to their broadcasts for content on video, web, and mobile channels.

• Discover new, meaningful content more efficiently while reducing costs
• Display rich content that enhances audience engagement and creates new advertising revenue opportunities
• Measure the true reach of influential conversations across social media in real time

Example: Discover Dashboard

Case Study Highlights:

TLL uses DataSift to monitor everything that’s relevant to a news organization: from global press, events, incidents, and natural disasters; to local and regional news, weather alerts, sports, crime, and even school closings.
With DataSift, it’s easier for TLL to find relevant results by increasing geographic coverage from 20% to 80% on average and processing custom classifications to subcategorize larger topic feeds.

“On the discovery side, we really like Datasift’s approach to topic creation. Our data analysts love your tools. The geo enrichment that you provide, and the real time access to data.” Malcolm CasSelle, CEO, Timeline Labs

Using DataSift’s platform and data management tools, TLL is more cost effective in their operations, and more efficient in their service delivery.

TLL and DataSift use social to provide news that anyone in the media can bank on.

Read the full case study here.

Katherine Kelly

Written by Katherine Kelly

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