Report from Informatica World 2014: Architecting for Social Data in the Enterprise

Tim Shea
23rd May 2014 2 Comments

DataSift has just announced our integration with Informatica’s PowerExchange, enabling global organizations to bridge social and news data into the enterprise and merge it with proprietary data living in their MDM systems, creating a true 360-degree view of their businesses. What potential does this unlock for your company?

The DataSift team just finished an amazing week in Las Vegas for the 2014 Infomatica World conference. Aside from the swarms of business cards, the many hands of blackjack, and the inevitable early morning coffees, the chorus we heard over and over from customers is that it is difficult to bring social data into their enterprise, and that once the data is there, it only compounds an existing data volume problem.

Identifying Big and Social Data Challenges
More specifically, we heard: if I’m a global company, with thousands of products and product lines, millions of customers, and hundreds of locations both physical and virtual, I’ve already got a sprawling Big Data operation to manage. So how do I think about bringing in a tidal wave of social data that provides more context and not more noise?

So the question really boils down to:

  1. How do I get the right data?
  2. How do I get that data into the right system?

At DataSift, we’ve partnered with Informatica because we realize this alliance solves both problems.

Providing Solutions
DataSift has built our company on the notion that the right data matters. We don’t want to give you one billion random social posts. We’d rather give you one thousand relevant posts that make a huge difference to your company. Therefore, we not only allow you to build very specific filters, but we also provide a sophisticated classification system that allows you to determine things like:

  • Journey of the Customer: Is someone doing basic research about your product? Are they just about to buy? Or are they writing a review about something they already own?
  • Life Events: Did an existing customer of yours just go through a major life change such as a wedding, the birth of a new baby, or the purchase of a new house?
  • Demand Forecasting: Is there an aggregate swell of activity that indicates either pent-up demand, or a major risk to an upcoming or ongoing product release?

Use Cases
When we talked to global retailers, wealth management banks, insurance companies, and telephone companies at Informatica World, they shared that they see an enormous opportunity to both tame their data problems, and add a social context to all the important entities within their companies. The use cases we heard over and over again were focused on:

  • Improving customer service effectiveness by increasing visibility into the customer experience, and providing better and quicker responses
  • Predicting and qualifying demand and risks for supply chains and product releases
  • Improving sales and relationships with existing customers by understanding major life events and changes in behavior

Why Partner?
Informatica is a world-class provider of enterprise data integration solutions. They also throw a pretty mean party in Las Vegas. Their value lies in orchestrating all of your disparate databases and data applications across the globe, and ensuring that at any moment you can provide what Informatica calls, “A Single Version of the Truth” about your products, customers, locations, or any entity in your enterprise. This is called Master Data Management (or MDM).

For example, if you are a global, omni-channel retailer and you’ve got a single product record represented in different ways across your Salesforce call-center application, Oracle Point-of-Sale database, Hadoop cluster, and (gasp!) various Excel spreadsheets scattered in ‘data-puddles’ across your company, how can you ever answer the question: how do I tell how Product X is performing? The answer is: with Informatica MDM.

And, since social media and news data is an enormous component of that answer, Informatica provides a bridge for social data into the Enterprise via PowerExchange. Companies can now bring DataSift data into their Cloud and On-Premise systems, blend and join social data with their proprietary systems (such as CRM, Point of Sale, and Supply Chain), and reclaim a true 360 view of their Customers, Locations, and Products.


The trend we saw was hard to ignore. Enterprises are ready to move beyond basic social listening, into the realm of automated, proactive, and predictive engagement. The DataSift and Informatica integration and partnership are exactly the solution to bring you there.

To get started with DataSift to today, register for a free account.
Or, to get started with the DataSift Informatica Connector, you can get more information here.

Tim Shea

Written by Tim Shea

Tim Shea is our Senior Alliance Sales Engineer. Connect with Tim on Twitter

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