Join Us for Alteryx Inspire 2014: Actionable Analytics #tbt

29th May 2014 0 Comments

Last month we announced an exciting partnership with Alteryx. Together, we provide an intuitive way for the millions of analysts to blend social data with other data sources for advanced analytics that deliver deeper business insights.

Webinar Wizardry
This month we participated in a webinar called “Analytics in the Hands of Every Analyst” designed to – well, the title pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? In our ongoing commitment to revolutionize business by providing actionable insights derived from highly relevant, normalized data, we bring you some key takeaways from the webinar.

Using data from our platform along with Alteryx, analysts can:

  1. Process much larger data sets
  2. Add analytics directly to the workflow, eliminating the need to write code
  3. Improve the analytics app authoring process
  4. Access data stuck in legacy analytics
  5. Track the success of campaigns with Marketo and Salesforce integration

Getting Ahead
One of the key benefits of our partnership is acceleration of time-to-insight – in hours instead of weeks! Our customers include household brand names in the finance, auto and entertainment industries, but even with such a diverse set of clientele and needs, these companies utilize the power of social data and analytics tools to provide:

  1. Advanced brand monitoring that goes beyond likes and mentions, to specifics of products and features
  2. Competitive analysis
  3. Superior, real-time customer service and marketing efficacy

A Combined Effort
Furthermore, blending data sources allows analysts to look for predictive relationships, such as evaluating how a particular marketing campaign compared with subsequent campaigns, or understanding driving factors of who will respond to a current or future campaign.
And, by joining social data with proprietary business data, analysts can help brands evaluate how close a user is to buying a product, or monitor the success of different products within a brand through users’ reviews of products they own.

The Data Democracy
Until now, more often than not analysts had to rely on IT to get the data they needed. Then, once the data was available, there was way too much of it, leading to a disproportionate amount of time spent cleaning and normalizing just to prepare the data for analysis. To add insult to injury, platforms charge exorbitant fees to store data and use their software.

With DataSift, petabytes of data from numerous sources can be delivered in JSON format to multiple destinations, and either stored or consumed in a real-time stream. Alteryx connectors allow output into SAS or SPSS file formats without disrupting existing workflows.

Together, Alteryx and DataSift allow for migration of critical data into a modern and intuitive analytics experience. View the full webinar here.

Join us at the Alteryx Inspire 2014 conference to learn more!

How to Find Us
Come visit us at the conference, we would love to see you at our booth, or at the DataSift Connector Solutions Session. Or, Tweet us: @DataSift

When: June 16-18, 2014
Where: San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina

Location: DataSift will be exhibiting in the Sponsor Network Lounge
Monday, June 16: 5:00 pm-7:00 pm – Welcome Reception
Tuesday, June 17: 10:00 am-6:00 pm
Wednesday, June 18: 9:30 am-1:30 pm

*Solutions Session: DataSift Connector*
Learn how DataSift data integrates with Alteryx’s platform
When: Tuesday, June 17, 10:30 am-10:50 am

Let the analytics commence!

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