Get more value out of your online community with DataSift + Jive

27th June 2014 0 Comments

From support to HR or product, a company’s online community contains a wealth of good ideas to improve a business.  There are dozens if not hundreds of valuable people who actively participate in them.  But with such a volume of content and only so much time, how do you get a birds eye view of it all?  What’s the best way to pinpoint the ideas and people that really matter within your online community?

DataSift + Jive: Get more value out of your online community

Maximize the efficacy of your online community’s objectives, whatever they may be.  DataSift subscription customers can now access data from Jive, one of the first companies to build enterprise-grade online community software.

This early access offering is available to subscription customers, and allows companies to pull data from their private or public Jive instance into the DataSift platform.  Through this data, your company can measure:

1.) The breakdown of your community by gender, language, or interest in specific product lines or services.

2.) The sentiment surrounding certain topics, or ideas about your company within the community itself.

3.) The people and content that influence people around key initiatives within your company.

Breaking Silos Within the Social Web

The activity within your Jive community could be completely different than what occurs on the social web. Any data pulled into the DataSift platform is normalized, and therefore much easier to compare with data from public sources. With this, you can better understand where your Jive community fits within the broader scope of your industry.


Are you a DataSift subscription customer?  If so, get started with Jive today by reading the documentation.  If not, contact our sales team to schedule your own demo.

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