DataSift and Tableau – Data + Visualization Made Fast and Easy

17th September 2014 0 Comments

As many of you likely know last week was Tableau Software’s big customer event – the TCC 2014. It was attended by more than 7,000 folks who love data and are passionate about finding the hidden nuggets of insight that the stunning visuals of Tableau could reveal.

During the event I had the good fortune to speak to many Tableau customers about the untapped potential in data from outside their organization, from the world of social, blogs and news in a way that most never knew was possible. Most people think of this data in the context of marketing or brand awareness, but the really opportunity lies in the ability to uncover trends that reveal your next product innovation, improve the security and efficiency of your production facilities and provide insight into your supply chain and the vendors you deal with on a daily basis. Or in the case of our session with Slalom consulting find the best happy hour in Seattle.

During the session Steven Carter and Peter Gilks of Slalom Consulting, our partner, were able to reveal people’s true feelings and sentiment about beer and who was drinking it and the best places to get one during a happy hour in the Seattle area. I was struck by how the data came to life revealing the anticipation around the Thursday evening tradition and then the change in the conversation as the day and week moved on. All revealed with pinpoint accuracy and crystal clear visualizations point you in the right direction.

Now as interesting as social, news and blog data is on its own it really comes to life when combined with your companies own data to provide a leading indicator to your internal metrics. During the event we were also able to highlight our partnership with Alteryx and show how their data blending techniques can combine DataSift data with information from within your own company. Tim Shea was able to show why you’d want to blend data in the first place and what opportunities this exercise unlocks. With Alteryx, we showed how to precisely quantify where social data is driving revenue, how to use social to enrich existing data reservoirs and identify untapped customers demand, and lastly, how to enrich an existing product catalogue or CRM database with social and create a true 360° view of your business.

I’ve always liked the saying that “the future is already here but it is not equally distributed” in seeing these two sessions I was struck by how this “human data” should be included in every business and process within a business and how if you are not tapping it right now your are missing an opportunity with every post, tweet, or like that happens that is not understood and acted upon. During the #Data14 conference I think we saw the future and with our great partners Tableau, Alteryx and Slalom all you have to do is contact us to make it a reality!

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