Lexis Nexis Uses Data to Track News on Human Trafficking

3rd October 2014 0 Comments


Big data isn’t just about petabytes and NoSQL. The ability to sift through billions of records gives us a newfound ability to listen and get a pulse of any situation, even in real time. With better data, we can make more impactful decisions in less time.

Our data partner Lexis Nexis has put these listening capabilities to solve a devastating global problem — human trafficking. In their collaboration with STOP THE TRAFFIK, Lexis Nexis went through over 400,000 daily published news articles in over 160 countries track and analyze the volume of news articles related to human trafficking in the cotton industry. They found 2,618 English language articles related to to human trafficking and the global garment supply chain in the period 1 January 2013 until 31 March 2014.

Knowledge is power to make a change. By leveraging news data, Supply Chain and Procurement Directors seeking to better understand human trafficking in their supply chain and how analyzing media coverage can support better supply chain risk management procedures.

Learn more about Lexis Nexis’s move to empower decision makers to stop the world’s fastest growing global crime at the Lexis Nexis blog.

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