Announcing Disqus Commenting + DataSift

16th December 2014 4 Comments

Lots of really interesting conversations take place in the comments section on articles and blog posts – however the volume can sometimes be overwhelming and valuable comments can be hard to identify.

To help you tap into the discussions taking place about topics that you care about in online comments, we’re excited to announce our new partnership with one of the most prominent and widely used discussion platforms in the world, Disqus.

If you aren’t familiar with Disqus, (pronounced: “dis-cuss”) — it is the web’s most popular and widely used third-party commenting engine, and powers more than three million blogs and news sites. You’ve likely seen Disqus comments on many of your favorite sites such as ABC, TMZ, Wired, Bloomberg, CNN, The Next Web, Entertainment Weekly and many others. Here’s a sample of what Disqus’ commenting interface looks like on a site:

Disqus + DataSift
With the DataSift platform, you now get access to the full real-time Disqus firehose (data from more than three million blogs and websites) including comments, votes, edits, and replies. Each month, Disqus comment threads now reach nearly two billion unique visitors and account for over a trillion seconds of time spent in online discussions. Using Disqus data with DataSift, you can better understand reactions, commentary and discussions about articles and blog posts across the web, and use our advanced filtering engine to identify just the comments you’re looking for. By paying attention to comments, you can identify many insights that you might have never known were accessible or existed before. For example:

  • Find out what’s being said about topics you care about: When coupled with DataSift’s data augmentations like entity & topic extraction, links unraveling, and more – you can easily identify all the comments covering particular topics that have value to you. For example, you can pinpoint fans who are raving about your product in comments on a product review article, or the reader who’s spotted a product defect that can be quickly addressed by your customer support team.
  • Be as broad or precise as you’d like: With Disqus, you can gain insight into topics discussed across all Disqus-powered sites, or pursue a deeper understanding of the views and opinions of a specific site’s audience by filtering to handpicked domains.
  • Detect audience reactions in real-time: Process and filter your audience’s feedback as it comes in in real time. Edits, votes, and comments stream in as they hit the Disqus servers, meaning you can respond faster to your most critical audience – the ones actively engaging in discussions, and informing and shaping the views of others.

Getting Started
Disqus data is available in your Datasift account for activation now – sign up or log in to your DataSift account here. If you have more questions about our offering or pricing, please contact us at: [email protected]

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