DataSift Partners with Facebook to Bring Facebook Topic Data to Marketers

Nick Halstead
10th March 2015 11 Comments

It is with great excitement that we’re announcing our partnership with Facebook to give marketers a deeper understanding into the topics that people are engaging in on the world’s largest social platform.

Over the last seven years, we’ve built an independent and industry-leading platform that enables social networks to build data distribution to an extensive ecosystem of application developers. Today, DataSift is a partner to over 20 social, news and blog networks and serves over 1,000 companies with our Human Data platform.

In that time, we’ve developed the world’s most advanced technology for processing social data. The partnership with Facebook leverages DataSift’s technology to aggregate and deliver summary results from topic data, enabling developers to build innovative marketing applications that surface insights into what audiences are saying on Facebook.
PYLON for Facebook Topic Data Fig 1. Facebook topic data ecosystem

We believe there is limitless potential for how Facebook topic data can help marketers – from researching the latest fashion trends to identifying the next big thing. We’re excited to be working with some of these companies already to bring insights from topic data into their products:

“We are excited about this collaboration. Providing a deeper insight of things people are interested in on Facebook will help brands to innovate faster across all their marketing to create content that is relevant, resonates and delivers a better customer experience. Meg Bear, GVP, Oracle Social Cloud”

“DataSift’s work meets a real need for our 1,300 customers: timely, relevant access to aggregated trends. This data is invaluable for helping companies derive meaningful insights from consumer interests.” Lindsay Sparks, CEO, Sysomos

“We have been successfully working with DataSift to provide our customers with social data insights into their businesses for years. We are very excited about Facebook topic data and its potential to elevate social media monitoring to a more useful and insightful level.” Ryan Holmes, Hootsuite CEO

At the heart of this is the implementation of Privacy by Design – an established framework for privacy-safe data processing. We believe principles like Privacy by Design need to become an integral part of how businesses act when analyzing human-created data. If you’re interested in our thinking in this area, download our white paper on balancing privacy and Human Data processing. Our mission remains focused on enabling an ecosystem of companies to extract value from human-generated data in a privacy-safe way.

Facebook topic data is accessed within the DataSift platform using a new API we named PYLON (Pylons are the towers that carry power lines to connect to the network – so the name seemed appropriate). If you are interested in gaining access to Facebook topic data within your organization, please get in touch and tell us more about your use case.

You can read Facebook’s blog post on the announcement here.

  • David Richmond

    Funny how the company started analysing RSS feeds and now look at what it is doing. Amazing and well done!

  • Giles Palmer

    well done Nick – big news

  • philwhln

    This is huge!

  • Brad Serbu

    Hello Nick.

    How is this going to integrate into your technical platform?

    Will there be a specific API or will this be accessed through the existing CSDL language similar to the Public Facebook data sources?

    Are the streaming/filtering constructs (i.e geo location) supported?

    Warm Regards,
    Brad Serbu

  • Darren Kelly

    This is great news for brands, great news for social media practitioners, and great news for #Datasift. Just wonderful, wonderful news. Attaboys and Attagirls to everyone involved.

  • Super Naturista

    How is this going to integrate into your technical platform?

  • Omkar Mishra

    Great news Nick. Any upcoming webinar you guys can schedule to demonstrate the capabilities of this platform live?

  • José Milagre

    How we can buy these services?

    • DataSift

      Thanks for reaching out Jose. Please fill out the form on the Contact Us page so we can get you in touch with the right folks on our team.

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