Introducing PYLON and How to Apply CSDL to Facebook Topic Data

Molly O'Shea
13th March 2015 0 Comments

This week we’ve announced our partnership with Facebook to help marketers gain insights from Facebook topic data. We know that developers are as eager as marketers to learn how our this technology works.

In today’s developer blog post, Richard Caudle, our platform evangelist explains how to take the CSDL for filtering data from networks such as Twitter or Tumblr, and how to apply the CSDL to Facebook topic data.

This blog post discusses DataSift’s privacy-first approach, what PYLON is and applying CSDL to Facebook topic data, and classifying this data with VEDO. To learn just how powerful PYLON and VEDO are when analyzing Facebook topic data, see our DataSift Developers blog, DataSift PYLON – The Value of unified data processing.

Molly O'Shea

Written by Molly O'Shea

Demand Generation Manager at DataSift

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