Actionable Insight from More Data Sources

James Ritchie
18th March 2015 0 Comments

In the first of a series of articles looking at Human Data sources, James Ritchie, Director of News & Blogs at DataSift, examines how the DataSift platform taps into more data sources, giving developers unprecedented insight for decision making. 

When you’re looking to turn streaming Human Data into meaning, what’s the one imperative above all else you’re looking for? Ask a random sample of application developers, and their answers will most likely be the same: the ability to access multiple different data sources.

It’s why DataSift is so successful. As a Big Data platform for processing Human Data, DataSift has been trusted by leading application developers for five years. They may have started using DataSift simply to tap into one or two sources. However, they quickly come to realize that by broadening the sources they access, they can drive innovation in their offerings.

The power of the DataSift platform is its ability to deliver across a wide variety of Human Data sources. From Facebook, Tumblr and WordPress, to Disqus, bitly and LexisNexis—over 25 sources in fact—DataSift gives you real-time access to data from billions of conversations.

This represents much, much more than straightforward, vanilla data aggregation. DataSift serves up an array of features to help you achieve actionable insight.

  1. Normalization. When we ingest data from different unstructured Human Data sources like social networks, we map it to a universal schema. This enables developers to search across an endless number of sources using a single body of code. Whether it’s a post on Tumblr, a blog on WordPress, a comment on Disqus, or a source we haven’t even added yet—the body of each of these interaction types will always be found in a consistently named field: interaction.content.
  1. Augmentation. This is a real-time process whereby we enrich our partners’ data content with up to 40 additional fields of metadata. From sentiment analysis, language and gender detection, through to identifying and unraveling links.
  1. Precision Filtering: To extract high quality insight from vast volumes of Human Data, you need to rapidly discover and focus on only those conversations that are relevant. That’s what DataSift does: taking you far beyond simple keyword searches, to filtering with precision against data and the metadata.
  1. Categorization: The DataSift platform allows developers to create bespoke categorization based on their unique industry insight or end client requirements. This means relevant data from multiple sources is delivered in a highly structured fashion for use in end applications.

The beauty of the DataSift platform it that we make it easier than ever for developers to tap into the unique combination of data sources which deliver maximum value to the users of their applications.

In the following series of blogs, we’ll take a closer look at some of the different sources available and show how our partners are using them to deliver unique value to their customers. If you are an application developer looking to drive innovation through data, catch up with my next blog.

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