Want to Know What is Resonating on the Viral Web? Tune into Tumblr

James Ritchie
24th March 2015 0 Comments

The Washington Post weren’t kidding when they declared that, Tumblr is the new front page of the Internet.
The fastest growing social platform in 2014, Tumblr is stacked high with everything from stories, photos and TV shows, to links, Spotify tracks, fashion and art. 460 million visitors each month engage with 227 million different blogs. Once you follow a blog, all of its posts show up in your dashboard. If you see something you like, you can reblog it to your own blog or add commentary. Other people will do the same to your posts. And so it goes on.

Big brands have got Tumblr in their crosshairs. Some, 55% of Tumblr users are in the influential 13-34 age demographic, and with an equally balanced demographic, Tumblr is where many of the world’s leading brands—like Coca-Cola for instance—engage their audiences with highly visual content.

DataSift gives developers full fire hose access to Tumblr, making it phenomenally easy for developers to tap into Tumblr’s thriving user community. The fire hose delivers more than 150 million interactions per day. With historics dating back to August 2013, and the ability to activate the source on a pay-as-you-go basis, DataSift makes more than 50 different targets available in the Tumblr fire hose, making it easier to filter into conversations and interactions that matter.

Ok, so you think you’ve spotted the flaw. One of the challenges of working with the Tumblr fire hose is that it’s a very visual content channel—photos, audio and video abound—with relatively low text content. However, tags like ‘tumblr-artist’ and ‘tumblr.tags’ make it easy to identify specific interactions, regardless of whether text is contained in the interaction. DataSift also applies multiple enrichments to the Tumblr fire hose, including language, sentiment and topic detection.

Just imagine what this could do to a brand’s health: Tumblr with DataSift enables you to perform brand monitoring using highly engaged communities of bloggers centered upon live events, TV shows, brands and products. MTV, for example, discovered that the size of the online conversation occurring on Tumblr during the 2013 VMAs was equivalent in size of the conversation occurring on Twitter.

This combination of Tumblr and DataSift can also spark innovation, by allowing you to follow early adopters—blend that 13-34 age demographic with a 300m+ active Tumblr user base and you have a vast pool of trend setters. These early adopters can provide insight into what the broader market will want to buy in the future.

It’s worked for the Canadian firm Nexalogy Environics. Their social data analysis platform, Nexamaster, is coupled with the DataSift social data platform to filter Tumblr social media data. It allows Nexalogy to extract relevant insight into mental health medication—specifically in the areas of psychosis and depression. Nexalogy collected Tumblr data for a five-month period, an exercise that yielded 6,036 posts containing discussions of this type of medication and related terms.

One of the conclusions shining out from Nexalogy’s analysis of Tumblr reblogging activity is that the format of the popular post — text as images, with a raw and at times humorous tone —resonates with a younger audience. In other words, if you want to know how to create content for a younger audience, see what’s spreading on Tumblr.

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