People First, Privacy First at F8 and Beyond: Facebook and DataSift’s Shared Privacy Focus

30th March 2015 0 Comments

F8, Facebook’s Developer Conference in San Francisco, has just wrapped up two days of best practices, lessons learned, demos and how-to sessions. Facebook made some exciting announcements, including Messenger Platform and Facebook Analytics for Apps. One F8 session, “Build Products With Privacy in Mind,” caught my eye with a core message that aligns with a key tenet of DataSift’s product vision: Put people first.

DataSift and Facebook recently announced a partnership unveiling Facebook topic data. Topic data shows marketers what audiences are saying on the world’s largest social platform about specific events, brands, subjects and more in a way that keeps personal information private. In essence, marketers get a holistic, actionable view of their audience while users’ personal information remains private.  And by private I mean anonymized and aggregated. In other words, no personally identifying information is made available to anyone, including partners or marketers.

In the F8 product privacy session, a member of Facebook’s privacy product team spoke about the need to “put people first,” keeping people in control of their experience and empowering users to only share what they want with whom they want.  An integral part of a people-and-privacy-first vision is being a good steward of data. We wholeheartedly agree.

We help companies derive meaningful insights by filtering through billions of social posts, news articles, videos,  and more to identify the important data that matters to a particular business or brand.  Today, DataSift serves more than 1,000 companies with our Human Data platform. The partnership with Facebook leverages our advanced technology for processing social data while keeping privacy top-of-mind. In fact, DataSift’s Privacy by Design framework for privacy-safe data processing guides all of our work, including our Facebook partnership. Like Facebook, we put people first and thus, we put people’s privacy first. DataSift’s overall mission is enabling companies to extract value from human-generated data in a privacy-safe way.

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