LexisNexis and DataSift: Powerful Insight from News and Business Sources

James Ritchie
7th April 2015 0 Comments

How do you get a complete picture of the trends that should shape your future strategy? Insight into upcoming business opportunities and threats? The events your customers care about? Social data intelligence can answer many of these questions—but it’s often only part of the picture.

To get a fuller picture you want to see how a topic is being covered in the published media. That’s where the news data supplied by LexisNexis comes in. This titan of global business information provides DataSift customers with content from newspapers, consumer magazines, trade journals, blogs and TV transcripts. LexisNexis is an ideal source for companies developing applications around reputation management, opportunity identification and risk management.

On the DataSift platform, we receive a feed of more than 18,000 of these news and business sources licensed by LexisNexis. On average, the feed contains 400,000 articles every day. This journalism is frequently not available on the open web—either because sources may otherwise only be available in print or are online but restricted behind paywalls.

Within the DataSift platform, we make 20 targets available to filter against in CSDL, including the name of the author, the headline and the publishing outlet. We also include the LexisNexis metadata in the article, which makes it easier for you to filter against the articles that matter most. You can also easily filter for metadata including more than 300,000 companies, 2,500 industries or more than 3,000 subjects.

All of this opens up a wealth of use cases. You can innovate more, for example, as specialist industry publications provide deep insight into competitors’ product launches or patent awards. Your marketing campaigns can be more effective too: many of the top social media influencers are respected journalists, whose original long-form content can be found in the LexisNexis feed—so you can track their commentary more easily. Premium industry and business coverage can also be a source of new revenue: identifying new buyers and sales opportunities for your products, or optimizing pricing.

Two.42.solutions understand this. The public opinion research and analytic company partnered with DataSift to build its own media monitoring platform. One of the features they find most valuable with DataSift is the ability to include print media from LexisNexis.

If you aren’t already including LexisNexis in your application, contact DataSift today to activate a free trial and see how insight from news data can drive greater value for your users.

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