Putting Social Engagement and Campaign Success into Sharp Focus

Josh Camire
5th May 2015 0 Comments

Josh Camire, co-founder of Ekho, explores how DataSift’s VEDO FOCUS is helping the marketing and data analytics firm achieve significantly higher engagement on behalf of its clients.

DataSift puts Ekho’s marketing and data analytics into focus. Quite literally in fact. Here at Ekho, we recently deployed DataSift’s VEDO FOCUS text classification engine to filter and analyze social data streams based on specific topics, concepts or industries. And what a difference it makes.

Ekho was the very first customer for DataSift FOCUS—and we can categorically state that it represents a quantum leap forward for Ekho. Following its launch two years ago, Ekho has quickly carved out a niche as a global leader in real-time, algorithmic scoring and ranking of people and content. Forget the old maxim of business-to-consumer—this is business-to-people.

With DataSift FOCUS, we’re taking that capability a step further: moving our clients beyond keyword-based analytics to classifying the entire firehose of social, news and blog content in a real-time taxonomy of more than 450,000 topics. The result is data-driven engagement that creates native advertising networks and new distribution channels for our clients.

Fine grain social data collection and categorization are significantly easier with FOCUS. We simply create a filter with the topic we want to apply, and FOCUS records a stream of relevant data on that topic for subsequent analysis. We can even filter out digital litter and separate signal from noise. That allows us to perform more accurate audience segmentation, build audiences more quickly and achieve higher engagement on behalf of our clients.

Imagine for example a client that manufactures a baby stroller or similar product targeted at new-borns. With FOCUS, we can identify all the new mums having babies in the last month, and—crucially—capture the surrounding tangential conversations from other members of the family, like aunts and uncles. We can then help our clients target and engage with this entire ecosystem of revenue opportunities.

Making CSDL more accessible and useable
Ekho’s adoption of DataSift FOCUS is the high water mark in a highly successful relationship with DataSift. In fact, right now I would argue that Ekho offers the best front-end platform to DataSift. Why? Because Ekho makes CSDL more accessible Ekho is, at its heart, a real-time, stream-based, marketing and data analytics firm. We are using proprietary algorithms, optimized to integrate with advertising APIs, to map CSDL to human interactions. This elevates our clients existing social advertising, enables diversification across social advertising channels and ultimately drives enhanced conversion to sale. Ekho’s client list of Fortune 1000 clients in eCommerce and retail, marketing and advertising agencies, education and publishing are testimony to this success.

Moreover, the DataSift platform helps Ekho’s client achieve more effective, real-time connection to the social consumer—whether that involves detecting their intent to purchase more easily, discovering brand advocates or facilitating community building activities. Using the DataSift platform, we can see everything from the social consumer’s profile, location and their place of work, for instance, to the social networks they participate in, the websites they share and other individuals who share their likes and interests. This represents a powerful and unstoppable force in targeting social consumers, acquiring them as customers and achieving real and lasting return on investment from digital marketing campaigns.

Ekho and DataSift enjoy a symbiotic relationship. DataSift gives structure to unstructured data; filters the firehose from many different sources in real-time and brings engineering strength to our social marketing solutions. Ekho in turn makes CSDL accessible and useable. The result? Agile and innovative solutions that help advertisers get one step closer to true user intent and deliver exceptional returns on social media marketing campaigns.

Josh Camire

Written by Josh Camire

VP Product + Marketing | Co-Founder at Ekho

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