Data Sources: The Secret Sauce in Successful Social Marketing Campaigns

James Ritchie
18th May 2015 0 Comments

I had no problem finding James, but my heart goes out to any Derek or Daphne who didn’t make the cut. I’m referring to “”, the social media craze that saw the iconic “Coca-Cola” script logo being removed from bottles and replaced with popular first names.  Fans could send personalized “virtual bottles” and share them with friends via social channels using the #ShareaCoke hashtag.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Coke’s sales rose 2.5% in dollars terms in the U.S. during the campaign. For a company the size of Coca-Cola, 2.5% is the real deal.

Companies like Coca-Cola appreciate that social media is as important to marketing campaigns as good old fashioned advertising, audience segmentation and market research. It can help marketers learn how their programs perform in the real world, as well as drive decision making for new content and campaigns. An emerging best practice is also to integrate measurement strategy into the initial planning of a campaign to facilitate learning, accountability and continuous improvement.

However, social media marketing counts for nothing unless your application has access to the right data sources. DataSift gives you that edge: easy access to multiple types of human generated data—social networks, blogs, discussion platforms, news and more—to optimize your clients’ marketing campaign investment. By tapping into these sources, your campaigns begin to bite: you can track key Influencers, measure campaign engagement and understand your audience.

Consider how these data sources can ignite new functionality in your application and help your clients optimize their marketing campaigns:

Social networks
You can easily identify trending content/campaigns and track influencers across social networks. The Tumblr firehose, for example, provides marketers with insight into the types of content that speak to the Millennial generation and the bloggers who help propagate that content. Through Tumblr, you can track reblog and like volumes over time down to specific posts to identify the best performing content and tags.

By tapping into thousands of newspapers, magazines and trade journals aggregated by LexisNexis and NewsCred, you can understand the thoughts of highly influential professional journalists. DataSift also identifies the byline (author) and publication name so you can track influencers in their offline (print) conversations too.

Our WordPress and blogs sources provide access to millions of blog posts daily, enabling you to identify and follow influential bloggers and understand the messages which your customers’ audiences are engaging with the most.

Discussion platforms
By analyzing the comments sections on the millions of websites powered by the Disqus and IntenseDebate discussion platforms, you can monitor feedback and engagement to marketing campaigns that spread to web articles. Plus you can understand audience reactions to articles and topics and identify influencers, fans and critics who voice opinions in comments.

Links and content engagement
By accessing Bitly clicks, you can measure marketing campaign performance (clicks = views!). Or unravel the re-shares of a link to track engagement across multiple social platforms and websites.

To find out more about how DataSift data sources can help you increase the return on your clients’ marketing campaign investment, contact DataSift today.

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