SF Meetup has Come and Gone. Here’s What you Missed

13th July 2015 0 Comments

A special thank you to everyone who made it out, and to the DataSift team members who came to support our first SF dev|datasift meetup!

For those that missed it, this week we had our first San Francisco meetup, at the awesome Intersection for the Arts. Our next meetup will be in New York on June 23, and we hope some of you can make it!


So what’d you miss?
We had tasty food, (grilled cheese from American Grilled Cheese), and delicious beer and wine! We also had some of our Sales Engineers, Data Scientists, and Training folks out to help answer questions and show people the platform. We covered DataSift’s PYLON for Facebook Topic Data. If you missed out but would like to view the video, I encourage you to watch a recording!

What’s next time?
Well, we’re still figuring that out! It seemed like folks were a bit more interested in the data science side, so I’m going to try and convince one of our data scientists to talk about the inner workings of some of our analysis in the future. However, if you’d like to tell us what will get you out to a developer meetup, please shoot me an email at: [email protected]


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