Discern Meaningful Insights from Social Media and Human Generated Content

Molly O'Shea
20th August 2015 0 Comments

The ability to understand human-generated data can benefit a business in many different ways.  But it’s not an easy endeavor when you consider the billions of human interactions on social media.

Social media analytics has found a way. And despite a popular belief, it isn’t just applicable in marketing. Gaining insights from social data can improve processes in staffing, supply chain management, product launch monitoring, threat detection and so much more. The key to finding insights in this data though is about having the right technologies that can process this large amount of unstructured data, interpret it, and provide those insights. How can you be sure that you have the right mix?

Written by David Loshin, president of Knowledge Integrity Inc, How to Make Applications Discern Meaningful Insights From Social Media and Human-Generated Content explores the challenges of ingesting social media data and the mechanics for extracting relevant signal from the noise. You can take a look at the full white paper here.

Molly O'Shea

Written by Molly O'Shea

Demand Generation Manager at DataSift

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