Continuing the Entrepreneur Journey

Nick Halstead
23rd October 2015 6 Comments

After much deliberation, I’ve decided the time has come to step down as CEO of DataSift and return to building early stage businesses. Tim Barker my longtime Chief Product Officer and DataSift veteran will be taking over as CEO effective immediately.

We have accomplished a lot over the past seven years since I embarked on the journey that has lead DataSift to where we are today. When I founded DataSift, based on our partnership with Twitter, the firehose was little more than a trickle. But we always had a vision to not only serve Twitter but unify, process and deliver insights from this new human-generated data at scale and in real-time. And I feel like we’re on a path to scale this idea into a world class business.

I’m extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished as a team, and how quickly and precisely we’ve responded as the social data industry has continued to evolve. From creating an entirely new technology and approach to delivering insights while protecting privacy with our PYLON technology, forging a new and exciting partnership with Facebook, and winding down our partnership with Twitter it has been quite a year. The DataSift team has executed with professionalism, tenacity and focus, which has put DataSift in a very strong position for massive growth with a strong leadership team, an incredible market opportunity, and a growing roster of social networks. I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for the massive effort this entailed.

As I have evaluated where DataSift is today, I also reflected on my passion for creating new technology and starting ventures from scratch. As such, I’ve decided to follow my passion for innovation and early stage growth and form a new company called Cognitive Logic. I will continue to provide my support to DataSift as Chairman Emeritus so I can see DataSift continue to grow and flourish under Tim’s leadership. The next phase of DataSift will be about scaling the technology and the business to meet the market opportunity and I have every confidence in Tim and the leadership’s team to capitalize on DataSift’s unique market position.

So stay tuned for many great announcements from Tim and team as DataSift continues on its journey, and watch for more on my next steps with Cognitive Logic.  I know it will be an exciting journey ahead. Thanks to each and everyone of you who have helped make DataSift what it is today and I’m looking forward to seeing how you take DataSift forward!

  • Matt Collins

    All the best for the new venture, Nick.

  • Phil Leggetter

    Good luck, Nick. Look forward to seeing what comes out of Cognitive Logic.

  • Damon Oldcorn

    Good to see someone going to build another one … so few seem to go for a second run these days in UK. Wish you very success with this one as well.

  • Bryan_Tookey_is_not_hiding

    Nick – good luck with the new venture and well done on the massive achievements that Datasift have made over the last 7 years.

    • Giles Palmer

      i echo Bryan’s comments – much of what Datasift has done has been groundbreaking. not easy at all. kudos

  • Elizabeth Varley

    Congratulations on all that you’ve achieved Nick. Really looking forward to hearing about Cognitive Logic!

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