Facebook Topic Data Partner Program Explodes Globally, Brandwatch Joins

Lucy Wimmer
30th November 2015 0 Comments

Back in July we unveiled our partner portal, helping marketers and agencies across the globe gain incredible insights from Facebook topic data. Working with a best-fit partner, marketers can use intelligence gleaned from Facebook topic data to improve the impact of marketing campaigns, produce more relevant content, make informed business decisions and much, much more. In fact, Facebook topic data is changing brand and agencies’ worlds. The data has transformed the advertising strategy for a large US music festival, improved on-air audience engagement for TV channels and driven the creative decisions and storyline directions for TV shows.

Since our partner portal’s launch, our ecosystem has grown significantly as more organizations realize the power of tapping into the largest record of public opinion that has ever existed – 1.55 billion monthly active users to be exact. And not only can you access previously unavailable data, but it also respects people’s privacy.

The global reach of our ecosystem continues to expand. We’re now proud to have more than 30 partners on board. Facebook topic data is now available in 82 countries and partners are joining us from all over the world, including Sweden (Twintip Insights), Brazil (OpSocial) and France (The Metrics Factory).  

Today we’re pleased to welcome the latest one – Brandwatch – to our Facebook topic data community. Having just closed a $33 million Series C round and boasting brands such as ESPN, Sky TV and Comic Relief as customers, Brandwatch is a pioneer in the social analytics space.

Contact us today to join the certified Facebook topic data program.

Lucy Wimmer

Written by Lucy Wimmer

Lucy Wimmer is global senior director of marketing and communications at DataSift.

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