How to Create the next Super Bowl Cultural Phenomenon

12th February 2016 0 Comments

The biggest sporting event of the year may be over, but the jury is still out as to what were the best and worst Super Bowl ads this year. While there are plenty of articles out there offering secrets to a successful Super Bowl ad, none really showed how you can implement those suggestions.

You just secured a Super Bowl ad spot, now customers are lining up to hand you their money right? This is probably true for Hyundai as its ad First Date, featuring Kevin Hart, just secured the #1 spot on the 2016 Super Bowl Ad Meter results. I’m not so sure that this will be the case for last spot winner Valeant Pharmaceuticals though! It’s always a huge gamble for advertisers to spend $5 million for a 30s slot. For smaller companies, $5 million is probably their entire year’s budget for advertising. For larger companies, a bad ad could do more harm than good. Is there a way to guarantee that your ad will be the next cultural phenomenon without the risk of total failure? Is there a winning formula?

After reading a ton of articles on the good and bad of this year’s Super Bowl ads, most of the reviews are based on personal tastes or popularity of an ad on social media. One particular report from a research company called Penn Schoen Berland does a better job by including purchase intent in its rating criteria. After all, isn’t the purpose of doing a Super Bowl commercial to create brand awareness and ultimately sell more product? A successful Super Bowl ad should not just be about providing entertainment values without any brand recall. While the article does a great job highlighting what makes the good ads great, you are still left  wondering what to do next. We know a good emotional story works, but what story should I tell? Celebrities capture eyeballs, but which celebrity should I hire? Everyone loves cute and cuddly animals, but does it really work for my brand?

Facebook topic data is here to fill in the missing piece. It provides valuable insights into who is the right audience, which theme drives engagement and what content your audience enjoys and finds funny. With Facebook topic data, you can gain anonymized and aggregated insights into all the posts, likes, comments and shares across Facebook without compromising user privacy.

Here are five ways Facebook topic data can help you create the next hall of fame Super Bowl ad:

  1. Know your audience – To tell a good story, you need to know who the story is for. Given that this year’s Super Bowl viewership is the 3rd largest in TV history, you may be right in thinking that your audience is practically everyone. But who actually cares about your brand and products? How are these people  viewing the big game? Are they watching it with friends or family? Facebook topic data gives you insights into who and how people are engaging with you on Facebook so that you can determine exactly what story to tell.
  2. Choose the right theme – Once you know the audience, what is the right theme? Is it the cute animals in Heinz’s Weiner Stampede or the “Made in America” patriotism in WeatherTech’s Resources? Facebook topic data gives you insights into what is the most popular content your audience is engaging in relation to your product/industry so you can determine the right message.
  3. Make it funny – After the underwhelming experience of last Super Bowl’s darker ads, advertisers this year all know one of the keys to success is to make people laugh. But what would make people laugh? Would people laugh their heads off or be grossed out by a combination of puppy, monkey and baby? Facebook topic data gives you insights into the sentiment of people interacting and engaging around topics on Facebook so you can determine what will make your ad funny.
  4. Promote the right features – The ultimate goal of an ad is to promote your brand and sell your product. It’s not just about creating a buzz, but also delivering a positive brand message. You only have 30 seconds or less to sell your brand, so what is the one message that you want to get across? Facebook topic data gives you insights into what features resonate with your audience so you can determine what to promote.  
  5. Pick the right celebrity– Featuring celebrities is almost a given for the big game commercials. But how do you know who to pick? Should it be Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart or Drake? Facebook topic data gives you insights into who is popular among your audience so you can make sure your million dollar celebrity cameo works.

It’s never too early to start prepping for Super Bowl 51. If you are an ad agency who wants to uncover unique brand and audience insights, check out our agencies solution to find out how Facebook topic data can help.


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