Differentiate Your Facebook Topic Data Product with VEDO Tags

2nd March 2016 0 Comments

Now that you’ve proved the value of Facebook topic data to your customer, how do you create a killer product to differentiate yourself in the market using PYLON for Facebook Topic Data? This blog is the first in a mini series to show you how you can stand out.

The universe of Facebook topic data is expanding at an amazing speed. From our perspective, it is truly marvellous to see so many companies are doing so many wonderful things to leverage the power of Facebook topic data in different industries and use cases. From our experiences, the analytics products that can stand out are the ones that can add unique context to the data. Domain knowledge is what makes your own offering sparkle and our VEDO rules engine and VEDO tags are here to help you can apply that knowledge.

VEDO allows businesses to understand what people are sharing on Facebook in a deeper level by exposing the context. Beyond the 60+ analysis attributes Facebook topic data provides, you can creating custom tagging and scoring rules using VEDO to apply your unique understanding of the industry and product to add value to the data and surface deeper insights. You can add further context to identify additional user demographics, different expressions of intent, emotions, common product features and more. These VEDO tags you worked hard to develop become your intellectual properties to keep and can be reused for other indexes and other customers as well.

We created a video to highlight some of the techniques you can apply to differentiate your product with. Check it out and start innovating.


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