Happy 1st Birthday Facebook Topic Data

Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson

As a marketer or agency, imagine what you could learn if you had access to one of the biggest sources of public opinion on Earth. What could you achieve if you had insight into what your audiences were passionate about, their true thoughts on your products and competitors, and the moments that mattered to them at your fingertips?

Think about it. By understanding what makes your audience tick, you could better inform your campaign designs, drive key creative decisions, tailor your content so that it’s more relevant to people, understand how people engage with your competitors and so much more.

Well, you can do all of this! A year ago today, DataSift placed exactly this information into the hands of marketers and agencies with the launch of Facebook topic data. Finally, organizations had a view of what more than one billion people across the world’s largest social platform – Facebook – were sharing and engaging around with their friends and family – posts, likes, shares, links, hashtags and more. And this information was accessed in a way that protects people’s privacy, with all data aggregated and anonymized.

A year on, Facebook topic data is changing the way marketers make decisions across the globe. A global snack brand has used Facebook topic data to better understand its audiences and what times of day they engage with its brand. A global personal care brand used Facebook topi data to understand the level of engagement gained with specific demographic groups by a competitor’s brand and what features drove positive interactions. Film and TV studios are using the data to better understand how people are engaging with trailers, films, episodes, storylines and characters. The insights gleaned from Facebook topic data are driving casting decisions, shaping promotions and directing storylines. The list goes on.

In just 12 months:

  • DataSift’s partner ecosystem that offers Facebook topic data to brand marketers and agencies has grown to 50+ companies
  • Facebook topic data is now available in 11 languages
  • 139 countries can now access Facebook topic data

Today, Facebook’s relevance to marketers is undeniable. Over the last few months, the company has pushed the boundaries in terms of marketing reach, tactics and optimization. The fact that the platform has 1.59 billion monthly active users worldwide and three million businesses who are active advertisers – a 50 percent jump in one year – speaks for itself.

However, perhaps more importantly for marketers and advertisers, the company has recognized the significance of tangible measurement and demonstrable value when it comes to marketing and advertising activities. In the last few weeks, the company has unveiled Reactions, which gives people even more ways of expressing their sentiment on content and provides marketers with  a truer picture of how audiences are responding to their campaigns and brand on the channel. Facebook has also launched new video ad serving across Atlas, which Dave Jakubowski, Facebook’s head of advertising technology, states will make it “easier to tell vivid brand stories to real people and measure value across devices.” Then there’s also Offline Actions, which helps close the loop between offline sales and online ad spend. In short, the platform’s influence on the marketing mix and how brands engage with their key audiences looks set to grow exponentially.

In the words of NetBase client L’Oreal:

“Many of our customers are already sharing passionate discussions about our brands and products on Facebook,” said Mark Brooks, SVP Insights & Analytics at L’Oréal. “We are now able to have the complete picture of our social consumers allowing L’Oréal to maximize understanding and engagement with our loyal consumers.”

The possibilities are endless, so what are you waiting for?


Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson

Written by Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson

Zuzanna is SVP, Marketing at DataSift. You can follow her @fattypontoonski.

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